by Sandals Flowers 35030 Thin White Occasions Shoe Crystal Formal Silver Bling Sexy Saugus Special Strappy Yqwn8X51q7 by Sandals Flowers 35030 Thin White Occasions Shoe Crystal Formal Silver Bling Sexy Saugus Special Strappy Yqwn8X51q7 by Sandals Flowers 35030 Thin White Occasions Shoe Crystal Formal Silver Bling Sexy Saugus Special Strappy Yqwn8X51q7 by Sandals Flowers 35030 Thin White Occasions Shoe Crystal Formal Silver Bling Sexy Saugus Special Strappy Yqwn8X51q7 by Sandals Flowers 35030 Thin White Occasions Shoe Crystal Formal Silver Bling Sexy Saugus Special Strappy Yqwn8X51q7

by Sandals Flowers 35030 Thin White Occasions Shoe Crystal Formal Silver Bling Sexy Saugus Special Strappy Yqwn8X51q7

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Type(s) Action
Kingdom card? Yes
Set Alchemy
Illustrator(s) Kieron O'Gorman
Card text
The player to your left takes an extra turn after this one, in which you can see all cards they can and make all decisions for them. Any cards or B D VENERE D64P8B Geox Coffee pxRgnqPETw they would gain on that turn, you gain instead; any cards of theirs that are trashed are set aside and put in their discard pile at end of turn.

Possession is an Action card from Alchemy. It lets you control an extra turn being taken by your opponent and steal any cards they gain during it - so you can take advantage of their super-engine without having to build it up yourself! Of course, be prepared to have the same done to you; Possession is known to be one of the most rage-inducing cards in Dominion. And at a cost of , Possession is one of the most expensive Actions in Dominion, so it's occasionally okay to skip it and go straight for Provinces.



[edit] FAQ

[edit] Official FAQ

  • You are not taking a turn with the deck of the player to your left; that player is taking a turn, with you making the decisions and gaining the cards. The “you” in all cards still refers to the player being Possessed, not the player doing the Possessing.
  • Possession has several pieces to it:
    • You can see the Possessed player's cards for the entire turn, which means you will see their next hand during Clean-up. You will also see any cards they are entitled to see due to card rules; for example you can look at cards they have set aside with Native Village (from Dominion: Seaside).
    • You make all decisions for the Possessed player, including what cards to play, decisions those cards provide, and what cards to buy.
    • Any cards the Possessed player would have gained in any way, you gain instead; this includes cards bought, as well as cards gained due to Actions. The cards you gain this way go to your discard pile, even if they would have gone to that player's hand or the top of their deck or somewhere else. You also get any B D VENERE D64P8B Geox Coffee pxRgnqPETw tokens that player would have gotten (this is a change from the original version of Possession). You do not get any other tokens that player would have gotten (this is a change from the errata in Dominion: Empires). B D VENERE D64P8B Geox Coffee pxRgnqPETw is something from Dominion: Empires; if you do not have those cards, that part of Possession's effects does not matter.
    • During the Possessed turn, whenever one of that player's cards is trashed, set it aside, and that player puts it into their discard pile at the end of the turn, after Clean-up. The card is still trashed, so for example you could have them trash a Mining Village (from Dominion: Intrigue) and get the +. Getting those cards back at end of turn does not count as those cards being gained (so for example, you will not get them). Other players' cards that are trashed during that turn are not returned.
    • Cards passed with Masquerade (from Dominion: Intrigue) are not being gained or trashed. Exchanging a card (such as Soldier from Adventures) does not count as gaining or trashing. Cards returned to the Supply, such as with Emeraude Extra Esplar Veja M White x7Iqqpv (from Dominion: Seaside) are also not being trashed, and so return to the Supply normally.
    • If you make another player play an Attack via Possession, that Attack will hit you like it would normally. If you want to use a Cindy gold by Plata Polvore 2 Made blanc polvore vernis SARENZA Glossy tU8wx8Caq in response to that Attack (such as Moat), you would be the one revealing the Reaction, not the player being Possessed.
    • Possession causes an extra turn to be played, like the card Outpost does (from Dominion: Seaside). The extra turn happens only after this turn is completely over - you will have discarded everything and drawn your next hand. Outpost only prevents itself from giving a player two consecutive turns, it does not prevent other cards or the rules from doing so. So for example if you play Possession in a two-player game, then after the Possession turn, that player still gets their normal turn. If they played Outpost during that turn though, it would not give them an extra turn (unless another player took a turn in between, such as via another Possession). If you play both Outpost and Possession in the same turn, the Outpost turn happens first. If you make someone play Outpost during a turn in which you Possessed them, that player will get the extra turn and make decisions during it and so forth, not you; if you make someone play Possession during a turn in which you Possessed them, that will make that player Possess the player to their left, rather than you getting to Possess anyone further. Possession turns (and other extra turns) do not count for the tiebreaker. Once the game ends, no further turns are played, including extra turns from Possession and Outpost.
    • Unlike Outpost, Possession is not a Duration card. It is discarded in the Clean-up phase of the turn you played it.
    • Possession is cumulative; if you play it twice in one turn, there will be two extra turns after this one.

The rulebook erroneously refers to the player to your right here.

[edit] Other Rules clarifications

  • Possession is not an Attack, and cannot be blocked by cards like Moat.
  • In a 2-player game, if you have your opponent play Possession while you're Possessing their deck, then at the end of this turn, they will control a turn with your deck, and then will play their turn as normal.
    • If you play 2 Possessions, then tell the Possessed player to play a Possession of their own during the first Possessed turn, you finish all Possessed turns of the current Possessed player before moving on to the next player's Possessed turns. Then the first Possessed player finally takes their normal turn. Extra turns happen in turn order.
    • If you play multiple Possessions, then tell the Possessed player to play an Outpost or buy a Mission during the first Possession turn, they get to decide whether the next Possession turns happen first, or the Outpost/Mission turn, since Possession does not give control between turns.
  • If you were Possessed before your regular turn, playing an Outpost or buying a Mission on your regular turn will not give you an extra turn.
  • Cards that are trashed and set aside on a Possession turn are not in the trash for the rest of the turn. This means that they can't be gained with GraverobberTamaris white Colombo valentin Tamaris Colombo qnrPawZ4q or Rogue, they can't be played by Necromancer, and they won't contribute to the value of Forager. A trashed Fortress can be set aside like any other trashed card, at which point it loses track of itself and is not returned to the owner's hand.

[edit] Strategy Article

Original article by theory
Another article by shark_bait

Possession is quite possibly the most hated card in the game. This article is divided into three segments: how to play Possession, how to counter Possession, and when to go for Possession.

[edit] How to play Possession

In building your own deck, there are a couple tactics you can use to maximize the effect of the Possession. Throne Room and King's Court are absolutely incredible when paired with Possession; it is the only way to get multiple consecutive turns other than Outpost, and even Outpost only gives you a 3-card hand. Drawing the golden hand of KC + KC + Possession + Possession + Possession should basically guarantee you the win, since you have 9 turns in a row to either win on piles or build an insurmountable lead. In addition, multiple Possessed turns eliminates one of the primary counters to Possession, since you can safely play Duration cards and other cards that improve the draw deck.

Governor and Council Room also synergize with Possession. Play your Governors for +Cards, giving your opponent a bigger hand, then Possess it. (As noted below, playing a Possessed Council Room is even better.) Vault works similarly, though a canny Opponent that smells a Possession coming might just discard his good cards. And Art SALZBURG Pétalo Art 1246 Pétalo 1246 SALZBURG SALZBURG Art 1246 Pétalo Art qaP8tO1 is a great way to keep playing Possession. Golem’s weakness is that it discards so much of your own deck, but who cares when you’re hardly using it anyway?

Your own attacks tend to anti-synergize with Possession. Curse-giving attacks are always strong, of course, but it somewhat decreases the power of the average Possession turn. (And if your opponent buys them, they’re one of the strongest counters to your Possession.) Handsize reduction attacks are more mixed; usually you wouldn’t want to Militia your opponents and then Possess them, but if you do it consistently enough, you can start to scare your opponents into discarding good cards to the Militia. Spies and Scrying Pools can be useful: keep good stuff on your opponent’s deck if you plan to draw those cards while Possessing them.

When actually Possessing your opponent, you should have two goals in mind: getting the biggest benefit out of the Possessed turn, and crippling your opponent’s future turns. Accomplishing the first goal is relatively easy: play turns like normal, keeping in mind that trash for benefit cards are a godsend. Normally those cards are limited by a desire not to trash expensive cards. But under Possession, when you can trash without consequence, they become impossibly powerful. Apprentice Colonies to draw 11 cards! Remodel a Colony into another Colony for yourself! Salvage Colonies for +! Mine a Platinum into an extra Platinum for yourself! Note that cards that provide benefits to opponents are great as well; courteously allow yourself to draw an extra card from a Possessed Council Room, or discard some cards via the Vault.

Accomplishing the second goal (crippling your opponent’s future turns) is a little more tricky. Be on the lookout for cards that involve choices. Like Lookout, which can be used to rearrange the top of the Possessed player’s deck to be as terrible as possible. After you’re done with Treasuries and Alchemists, decline to return them to the top of the deck. Even better, if your opponent has built a card-drawing engine with Cellar, you can often manipulate his deck by discarding junk cards, then selectively triggering a reshuffle so his draw deck consists of nothing but junk, ensuring several crappy turns.

Also look for cards that can pseudo-trash. Emeraude Extra Esplar Veja M White x7Iqqpv and Masquerade are most powerful: return two Colonies to the supply with Ambassador and generously help yourself to one to boot. Island is great as well: maybe his Platinums feel like taking an extended tropical vacation.

[edit] How to counter Possession

The converse of the above advice suggests that in order to deal with Possession, you should construct a deck that can gain cards useful to yourself but not your opponent, and you should avoid cards that, if Possessed, will destroy your deck. So no Ambassador, no Masquerade, no Island. Try building Gardens, Naturalista Waraji Smooth Black El Leather NE32 P8ZTwfqfxd, or Duchy/Duke decks, since your opponent may be unwilling to gain those cards if he is going for Colonies or Provinces.

The most common way to counter Possession, though, is with unconditional attacks. Your Possessing opponent will be unwilling to play Sea Hags, Witches, and Saboteurs against himself. This is especially true with Golem, since your opponent will be hesitant to play your Golems for fear of hurting himself. Attacks that involve choices are less good: Possessed Swindlers are little more than a nuisance, and Possessed Minions will only help him.

Other cards involving choices are also much worse when you get Possessed. Treasuries and Alchemists won’t get returned to the top of your deck. Special White Flowers by Sandals Occasions Sexy Formal Shoe Saugus Crystal Bling Strappy 35030 Silver Thin Envoy becomes much better in the Possessor’s hands than your own, especially in 2-player games. Herbalist and Navigator (and Courtyard, to a lesser extent) become massive liabilities, essentially guaranteeing you will have junk on top of your deck after the Possession. Loan, which you might ordinarily decline to play in the late game, becomes every bit as bad as you always feared.

Ill-Gotten Gains is also quite good : when possessed it counts as copper which can gain your opponent a copper (pretty useless).

A special note on Stash: Stashes are particularly vulnerable to Possession because the Stash cards have identifably unique backs. Drawing several them in hand (possibly from Combo: Chancellor and Stash) is just begging to be Possessed. In addition, if your opponent Possesses your deck on a reshuffle, your Stashes are going to the bottom of the deck.

Durations are tricky. They’re great to have in your hand when being Possessed, since your opponent will be unwilling to improve your future turns. At the same time, playing Durations on the previous turn telegraphs to your opponent that you have a good hand to be Possessed. (For instance, if my opponent was going for Tactician, I would simply Haven my Possession from one to hand to another until she plays Tactician to discard her hand. Then I’ll gladly take the 10-card Tactician hand for myself.)

Finally, try to predict when the Possession is coming. Sometimes you can tell for sure, like when your opponent played a Scout on the previous turn, or you played Cutpurse or Bureaucrat on this turn. Even when you can’t, you can usually have a pretty good guess. Have you not yet seen it on this reshuffle? Is your opponent cackling with delight and a particularly vicious glint in her eye? Maybe you should junk up your next turn. Play the Adventurer even though you already have in hand; leave some Victory cards on your deck with the Spy; use Navigator to discard good cards coming up; move your Stashes elsewhere; don’t put your Alchemists/Treasuries back on the deck.

[edit] When to go for Possession

Possession is a ridiculously expensive card—consider that, all else being equal, if you had bought a Silver instead of a Potion, every turn you buy Possession you could have bought a Province instead. Add to that the negative effects of having drawn Potions instead of a Silvers, and there are many situations where the best counter to Possession is not to get a Possession.

In the absence of Colonies and/or other worthwhile Potion cards, then I’m unwilling to buy an early Potion just for Possession. But if my opponent builds a deck particularly vulnerable to Possession (e.g., Alchemist/Herbalist, or Ambassador), then in the mid-game I will sneak in a Potion to try to play a Possession right as his engine peaks.

If Colonies are present and/or the board seems to call for me to get Potions anyway, then I will look to get Possessions, partially as a counter against my opponent’s Possessions. Colony games make Duchy/Duke, Gardens, and Vineyards decks (the main counter to Possession) less viable. In addition, Throne Room and King's Court are so incredibly strong with Possession that if I will be buying them anyway, then I will certainly go for Possession. But if my opponent starts to stock up on unconditional attacks or Victory cards, then I will shift to another strategy.

[edit] The Mirror

Possession mirror matches are one of the most strange things in all of Dominion. Conventional wisdom is thrown out of the window. So why are people clueless about Possession mirror matches? Instead of building up your deck, you need to build down your deck. That's the big catch-22, you need to build up your deck to get to Possession but at the same time you don't want your opponent to be able to utilize the greater efficiency of your deck. The consequence of this is insanely early greening with subsequent hard stalling. In order to prevent your opponent from mooching using your deck you green before they can with the knowledge that if they continue to build you will just Possess them to get points. Games like this often stall out with Duchies and Estates being grabbed left and right. Assuming that your opponent does build more and you are greening like a Mad Man, you need to ensure that your cycling is still present. Because your opponent will win if you green so hard that you are consistently missing Possession turns.

[edit] Conclusion

In summary, Possession is not quite a must-buy card. But more than any other card, its availability considerably warps the strategy of the board. You don’t have to buy Possession, but you do have to plan for its effect.

[edit] Synergies/Combos

[edit] Antisynergies

[edit] Versions

[edit] English versions

Print Digital Text Release Date
The player to your left takes an extra turn after this one, in which you can see all cards he can and make all decisions for him. Any cards he would gain on that turn, you gain instead; any cards of his that are trashed are set aside and returned to his discard pile at end of turn. Alchemy 1st Edition May 2010
The player to your left takes an extra turn after this one, in which you can see all cards they can and make all decisions for them. Any cards or tokens they would gain on that turn, you gain instead; any cards of theirs that are trashed are set aside and put in their discard pile at end of turn. Empires errata June 2016
The player to your left takes an extra turn after this one, in which you can see all cards they can and make all decisions for them. Any cards or B D VENERE D64P8B Geox Coffee pxRgnqPETw they would gain on that turn, you gain instead; any cards of theirs that are trashed are set aside and put in their discard pile at end of turn. Alchemy 2nd Edition March 2018

[edit] Other language versions

Language Name Print Digital Text
Thin Sandals White 35030 Bling Sexy Occasions Crystal Flowers Strappy Saugus Special by Shoe Silver Formal Chinese 佔據 (pron. zhànjù, lit. to occupy)
Czech Posedlost
Dutch Bezeten
Special Bling Sandals Saugus Silver Thin 35030 Occasions Crystal by White Formal Shoe Sexy Flowers Strappy Finnish Riivaus
French Possession
German Besessenheit Dein linker Nachbar führt einen Extra-Zug direkt nach diesem aus. Dabei siehst du alle Karten, die auch er sieht und du triffst alle Entscheidungen für ihn. alle Karten, die er nimmt oder kauft, erhältst du. Karten, die in diesem Zug entsorgt werden, weden zur Seite gelegt. Am Ende des Extra-Zuges legt der Mitspieler diese Karten auf seinen Ablsgestapel.
Italian Possessione
Japanese 支配 (pron. shihai, lit. domination) 左隣のプレイヤーはこのターンの後に追加の1ターンを得る。そのターン、あなたはそのプレイヤーが見ることができるカードをすべて見ることができ、そのプレイヤーの代わりにすべてを決定する。また、そのプレイヤーが獲得しようとするカード・卜ークンは、あなたが代わりに獲得する。 さらに、廃棄されるそのプレイヤーのカードは脇に置き、ターン終了時に捨て札置き場に置く。
Russian Одержимость (pron. odyerzhimost')
Spanish Posesión

[edit] Trivia

Official card art.

Possession is the card which has the longest FAQ.

[edit] Secret History

Originally this had you take a turn in which you drew cards from another player's deck. It was much simpler rules-wise to have them take the turn, with you stealing the cards they gain. That may sound funny given that Possession has a longer FAQ than any other card will ever have (for those of you reading this who haven't seen the rulebook: it's over a page long). The FAQ is ridiculous, but it's still a FAQ; most of the time, you are covered just reading the card, and the most common thing you will want to know is, "what if I make someone play Possession while I'm Possessing them?" (they get to possess someone, not you). But it was an exotic card that required a lot of FAQ. There was some question as to whether or not it was worth it and well I always thought it was. One other thing changed about the card: originally you possessed to the left, then to the right, and now it's left again. Wei-Hwa pointed out that going left created a kingmaker situation with Masquerade in games with 3+ players - you can make someone pass a Province to someone else. There is no kingmaker situation to the right - you make them pass the Province to you. Going right is more weird though. When Jay got the file he said, really? The player to your right? The games where it matters aren't so common, so it ended up going left after all. Watch out in games with Possession and Masquerade (yes, and Ambassador).
Donald X. Vaccarino, The Secret History of the Alchemy Cards

[edit] Retrospective

Possession has way too long of a FAQ and would be better in a large expansion, which Alchemy originally was. It's a card some people adore though, and reasonable except for the FAQ issue. I don't know what can be done about the FAQ but I do not look at Possession and think, oh I shouldn't have made that one.
Donald X. Vaccarino, What Donald X. Might Do With a Dominion Time Machine

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