Suede Women's Booties Faux Cuffed Gray SSvUwE

Suede Women's Booties Faux Cuffed Gray SSvUwE Suede Women's Booties Faux Cuffed Gray SSvUwE Suede Women's Booties Faux Cuffed Gray SSvUwE Suede Women's Booties Faux Cuffed Gray SSvUwE
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Have you ever felt the presence
of ghosts in your bedroom?
Have you ever felt the absence
of pain in a flesh wound?
Do you ever find yourself in a
bathroom stall regretting everything
you've put yourself through?
Because I do.
Have you ever woken up to a
monster in your bed?
Have you ever woken up under
covers covered in sweat?
Do you ever find yourself
finding convenient exits
from every commitment

because you're scared?
Yeah, you're scared of leaving home.
It's okay
Suede Faux Women's Gray Cuffed Booties
because I'm equally afraid.
Suede Faux Women's Cuffed Booties Gray
I know certainly certainty's
got the best of me,
but I would much appreciate you
sparing your company,
for I have loved many,
but I've left plenty more behind.

I swear I'm getting there.
It just takes time.

I swear I'm getting there,

but I can't accept myself
for who I've become, so
I except myself from
Faux Gray Cuffed Women's Booties Suede
reaching out to anyone.

I know we've lived, we've learned,
we've grown, but the inputs of
others still rise over my own.


from Accept​/​Except Yourself, released June 17, 2013


all rights reserved



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Draw attention to your aspiring look with our chic women’s cuffed faux suede booties. These booties are constructed from a water resistant faux suede that is 100% cruelty-free. They feature a foldable knit shaft that provides an attractive cuff at the ankle. These booties are an easy slip on style that is devoid of snaps, zippers or buckles. They are fully lined with a cozy faux shearling lining that wicks moisture, as it provides a soft cushion that makes walking a comfortable pleasure. They also have a foam-cushioned insole. The rubber outsole is heavily treaded to help you avoid slips and falls on the ice and snow. These high quality, imported booties were created in a classic style that never goes out of fashion. They are ankle high, and come in your choice of buff or medium gray. Try these women’s cuffed faux suede booties with all of your favorite winter slacks and skirts.